Join the Enduro 👉 Get Fit 👉 Get Strong

The Enduro is unlike any other class on the RideINSIDE schedule. It’s designed for cyclists and triathletes who are looking to improve their aerobic endurance over winter. 

Starting out short, the class builds each week until you’re riding up to 4 hours! Coach Ian Fraser designs and leads the class. His engaging personality and quirky playlists keep you entertained for the duration of the ride. You’ll be surrounded by a great group of engaging RideINSIDErs! Get fit, have fun, share some laughs, and share in the suffering!

By the end of the winter-long program, you’ll be hitting the roads with some of your best base endurance ability you’ve ever had. Athletes competing at Ironman events or Gran Fondos will benefit enormously from this all-in-one endurance program. It’s a one-of-a-kind class. 

The Class runs on Saturdays at noon starting November 3, 2018 and ends on March 30, 2018. 

And the best part? The Enduro is 30%  off until September 30, 2018! Now’s the time to register! 

  • The key to strong performance is developing a wide base of fitness

Developing that base fitness is about putting in the time on the bike to improve your aerobic endurance. It doesn’t just allow you to ride longer, it makes your body better at metabolizing fat and improves cardiovascular function. 

This is where we start with the Enduro. We build up your base fitness through a structured program. Each Saturday your ride gets a little longer and a little tougher. This gradual increase allows your body to adapt and become stronger. 

  • Only after you have a solid base of fitness can you start to worry about speed, power, and race specific fitness

Once you’ve built that base of fitness, you can start to build onto it. This is where you start to see gains in speed and power and learn how to develop the fitness you need for your specific event. 

The Enduro isn’t just for long course athletes. Developing a strong base fitness is important for any kind of racing event from crits to sprint triathlons. 

Combine the Enduro with our RideINSIDE Regular Schedule

By combining the Enduro with our regular RideINSIDE weekly schedule you can get the best of both. Build endurance and improve your aerobic ability while focusing your weekday classes on developing power and speed. 

Combine the Enduro with one or more of our weekly specialty classes for the biggest boost to your fitness👇

Raise the Roof

This class is designed specifically to improve functional threshold power (FTP). Threshold power is considered the benchmark of aerobic ability. In this class we’ll focus primarily on sweet spot and threshold efforts with longer intervals of 8-20min.

Race Pace

This spin class is devoted to developing strength endurance through cadence drills and over/under efforts. VO2 max intervals will be a staple of this ride. You’ll develop the ability to tackle 2-8 minute climbs (think Pink Lake, Black Lake, and Fortune) and simulate fun race efforts in a safe and controlled environment. This class is tough but fun!

Tuesday Throwdown

A spin-off of our Interval Mania spin class, this short but challenging ride will tax your ability to recover quickly from hard efforts. Riders will work at higher intensities for short intervals in order to improve cardiovascular health, aid in short term recovery, and build strength on the bike.

Get Unlimited RideINSIDE Classes

Are you regular participant at RideINSIDE? Do you plan to ride twice/week or more? 

The Unlimited ride pass might be what you need! 

Benefit of the Unlimited Pass

  • Access to our complete RideINSIDE Schedule
  • Never Run out of classes or have to refill your account
  • Automatic payments; set it up and away you go!

With the RideINSIDE Unlimited monthly pass you’ll never have to refill your classes or worry about running out! Setup your account and away you go! Payments are automatic! 

When you sign-up for the Unlimited pass, you’ll be charged $79.99 each month from October 27, 2018 to April 28, 2019 (6 payments). Payment will automatically stop when the RideINSIDE schedule ends on April 28, 2019. It’s the perfect hassle free way to enjoy our classes! 

It also happens to be the best deal going for RideINSIDE! 

Coffee, Bicycles, and Community

It’s a thing. It’s not necessarily a new thing, but it’s certainly becoming a more popular thing in North America. Coffee and bicycles also happen to be the converging point of the serious roadie and the hipster. Both really like bikes and coffee, albeit different choices in both bikes and coffee.

Combining both into one establishment started on the west coast, where all things bikes and hipster seem to come, in this particular case it was  Portland, Oregon. But the trend has shifted eastward. We don’t want to brag but we were the first bike shop in Ottawa to incorporate the full café experience. We owe that to the trendsetting minds of the Little Victories  guys, who pitched the concept to us.

But because we’re Ottawa and often overshadowed by Toronto when it comes to cultural phenomenons, a little shop called Fix Coffee and Bikes got all the media attention in 2017 when they opened Toronto’s first coffee and bikes café. One part bike shop, one part coffee shop, one part gallery.. Sound familiar?

Okay. Okay. We’re starting to sound a little bitter. We’re not. But we do really love the concept of the café and bike shop. LVC has since moved out of Cyclelogik but the coffee and bikes legacy lives on with Mainstay; and they’re still pouring your favourite LVC coffee!

If you haven’t been to Cyclelogik in awhile, you might not be familiar with our new setup. And if that’s the case, you’re definitely missing out!

The Coffee and Bikes Experience at Cyclelogik

Here’s a list of some things that you might experience when at Cyclelogik:

  • A perfectly poured Americano; just the right amount of caffeine to kickstart your Saturday morning ride.
  • Winnie the shop dog. She likes head rubs and playing tug of war.
  • A comfy couch to relax and check your ride stats or catch up with riding buddies.
  • Roy, the shop mechanic, who has opinion about everything from cannabis stocks to government conspiracies.
  • Danielle, the shop matriarch, will either sell you a bike, give you some sound life wisdom, invite for you a beer at the Elmdale, or all three.
  • Some of the best bikes from Felt, Scott, and Wilier. There’s a bike in the shop to match whatever type of riding you need
  • An abundance of nutrition and hydration options to get you through a long ride
  • A mix of local hipsters, cyclists, people on their way to work, triathletes, and all manner of interesting people
  • Leah, the most chill person you’ll ever meet. She’s your coffee supplier and proprietor of Mainstay.

So if you haven’t been to the shop in awhile, maybe it’s time to pop by and see what we’re all about. It’s the people and community that make Cyclelogik great, and we’d love for you to be part of our little community of rad cyclists and coffee lovers.

Cyclelogik and the Community

Community is one of the most important things to us. And we’re proud to be part of such a robust and thriving neighbourhood like Hintonburg. We feel it’s important to support not only the local athletic community but also the neighbourhood where we’re located. Here’s a short sampling of some of the ways we engage the community:


Cyclelogik Hintonburg 5km

We've been supporting the Hintonburg 5km run for a number of years. We feel this is a great way to bring people to our neighbourhood and show off the great businesses and atmosphere that exist here.


Cyclelogik Art Show

Every year for the past 10 years we've hosted an art show exhibiting some of Ottawa and Hintoburg's best artists. This is one of our favourite events of the year and we love seeing all the great pieces hanging on our walls during the show and throughout the winter months.


Somersault Events

The local triathlon series has grown over the past 20 years and we have been supporting the Ottawa events for a number of years. Building and supporting the local triathlon community in Ottawa is important to us. So many great athletes have come from Ottawa, and we're fortunate to be associated with this series, and so many amazing triathletes who compete and train locally --including a number of pro triathletes!


The ORCC Spin-a-Thon

Every year we host the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre spin-a-thon. The funds raised at this event go toward helping to end the cycle of sexual violence. 


The PBC Rides

Every Saturday over 50 cyclists meet up at the store to head out on the PBC rides. There's an A-ride, B-ride, and Women's Ride departing from the shop.

Alice's Fall Colours Route

The reverse of our long A-Ride loop that allows for a stopover at Alice’s Cafe in Carp for a warm-up beverage before hitting some of fresh and beautiful asphalt along Stonecrest. 

The perfect route for a flat long fall colours excursion. 

30% off RideINSIDE Classes until September 30, 2018

It’s time to start thinking about your winter riding! The full RideINSIDE schedule starts at the end of October and we’re offering you the chance to stock up on classes at 30% off. 

We won’t have another deal like this until next year so get on it! 

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Regular RideINSIDEr?

If you’re one of our regular RideINSIDE participants, you might want to consider our monthly unlimited option! 

Its the best bang for your buck if you plan on riding with us more than once/week!

Unlimited Monthly

$ 79
Per Month
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  • Good for all classes
  • Never run out of classes
  • Ride as much as you like

Cyclelogik Closed Wednesday July 25

Unfortunately we will be closed on Wednesday July 25th. It seems our neighbour’s building collapsed early this evening. Our block is currently cordoned off and inaccessible. We’ll post updates on our social media platforms as they become available…until then, go ride yer bike!


You need a new bike. We need to clear out some space! 

We’ve made it easy. Buy a bike > Get 10% of the cost of the bike back in store credit. 

Imagine all the cool stuff you can buy for your new whip! 

Wheels. Helmet. Shoes. Power Meter. Garmin. HRM. Tyres. Clothing. Bottles. Cages. Hydration systems. Nutrition. Lights. Locks. 

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Sock Doping!!

#TheWeeklyLegs and Cyclelogik mechanic Max Rubarth approves of these stylish socks. 

Grab a pair from the shop and up your sock game! 

The Scott Foil


Light. Aero. Fast

The Scott Foil is one of the speediest road bikes around. Despite being an aero road bike, it's surprisingly light. It's stiff in all the right places for those big accelerations. Tired of getting dropped from the A-ride? The Foil might be able to help with that. 😉

Dawn Patrol Coffee

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 12.11.21 PM

Americano, Espresso, Latté....

Dawn Patrol and Cyclelogik: the perfect amalgamation of coffee and cycling. Roll up to the shop on your bike and get treated to a special price on your coffee.. 😉