Cyclelogik Insider Sale

On Sunday November 25th from 2pm to 6pm Cyclelogik is opening for a special insider sale! 

Save Big on Products and Services at Cyclelogik

  • 30% off - In Stock Bicycles
  • 10% off - In Stock Trainers
  • 50% off - In Stock Nutrition
  • 50% off - In Stock Helmets & Shoes
  • Staff Pricing - Everything Else!

RideINSIDE Demo & Discount

Looking for a flexible spin program that will not only help you burn calories but make you a better faster cyclist? Pop by at 3:30pm during the sale and take a free demo class! Bring your spin gear; including your shoes (runners work just fine!). 

Current RideINSIDErs get access to discounts on RideINSIDE classes! Class packs will be on-sale in-store only during the VIP sale event! 

Bring a Friend!

Current RideINSIDEr? Bring a friend who has NEVER been to RideINSIDE! If they sign-up for our 30 for 30 package, you get a special discount on your RideINSIDE packs!

30 for 30

If you're new to RideINSIDE you can get 30 days of unlimited riding for $30! Pop by the shop, get a great deal, demo our spin class, and get your first 30 days for $30!

HPP Triathlon Club!

HumanPowerPerformance is hosting an info session at 1pm at Cyclelogik before the sale starts! Arrive a little early and learn about this awesome new triathlon club! Register for the club at the event and get special discounts on products and club registration! 

ZiZu Optics at the Store

Team ZiZu will be at Cyclelogik selling their awesome performance optics during the sale! 

Normally you can only purchase ZiZu wear at events and online! Stop by the shop during the VIP sale and try on a pair, in person! 

Members of the HPP Triathlon club get a special bonus discount on ZiZu optics year round!

11th Annual Cyclelogik Art Show

Our super popular winter art show is back for an 11th year thanks to the dedication of curator Andrea Stokes! 

This year’s theme is Pink! Join us on December 7th for drinks and art and food! It’s one of the best winter parties in Hintonburg! Don’t miss it! 

  • December 7th, 2018
  • 7:00pm
  • Cyclelogik 1111a Wellington St W

Cyclelogik In-Store Sale

On Sunday November 25th, Cyclelogik will open between 2pm and 6pm for a huge in-store sale! 

Get great deals on bikes, trainers, accessories, shoes, helmets, goggles and most in-stock items! 

Meet with Brand reps, get the latest info on 2019 products, and check out our RideINSIDE spin studio! 

Human Power Performance coaches will be on hand to talk about their new HPP Triathlon Club.. 😉

Don’t miss it! 


What is Benchmarking?

All of our RideINSIDE classes use Power Zones to communicate the level of effort each participant should be putting in at a given time. 

Below are the steps and guidelines to understanding how benchmarking will improve your RideINSIDE experience. 


Benchmark Class

This is a free class that runs on a limited schedule. You can sign up for it on the Mindbody App or by logging in to your RideINSIDE Mindbody account from your computer.


Determine Your Power Zones

The instructor for the benchmarking class will guide you through the test and determine your power zones. They will email your zones to you so you can print them and bring them with you to class.


Get More From RideINSIDE

Training with power zones means you'll always be working at the right intensity. It eliminates the guesswork of using a perceived scale of 1-5 and removes the inaccuracy of heart rate. This means you'll be getting a better more targeted workout perfectly suited to your individual strengths.

Breakaway Power

Develop your ability to ride harder for longer with this workout. 

Spend most of your time riding at moderate to high tempo with short recovery periods. Improve your ability to ride in a breakaway or hold a high steady state power in a triathlon. 

  • 68min
  • 81TSS

The Kickr Core, Climb and Desk are here!

If immersion is your thing, Wahoo has you covered. Connect to Zwift for a premium virtual cycling experience and add to the realism with a direct drive trainer, grade simulator, and stand to hold everything you need. 


The Kickr Core

The more affordable little brother to the famous Kickr. This machine is an excellent unit and perfect for those looking to get a great ride experience without breaking the bank.


The Kickr Climb

Want to simulate gradients on your trainer? Feel the full effect of the Alpe du Zwift!


The Desk

Really intense about your indoor training? Pickup the Wahoo desk. Sturdy. Moves easily. Holds everything you need for an Imperial Century on Zwift (chamois cream not included).

👉In Stock at Cylelogik!

Zoomers & Boomers Ride

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am. 

Join Al Norris, RideINSIDE’s newest instructor, in this class designed for cyclists and triathletes who have a little extra time during the day. We don’t want to call it a retiree class, but if you’ve had enough of the daily grind and are spending more time at home and doing what you love, you might enjoy this class! 


Ride Leader: Al Norris

Al is a retired IT manager who now devotes his time to riding his bike, working part time at the shop, coaching football and whatever else he wants to do with his time.. Being a 24 year veteran of triathlon, he's also devoting some of his time to becoming a certified triathlon coach and personal trainer.

75min Base Builder

Crunched for time? Don’t like spending hours on the trainer? Check out our 75min Base Builder workout. Designed to develop your aerobic endurance while being economical with your available riding time.

Download the .ZWO file and drag it into your Zwift Workouts folder. Instructions

  • 75min
  • 73TSS

Are You In or Out?

The cold weather and rain has come! It’s time to decide where you stand this fall… At Cyclelogik we’ve got everything you need for either or both! So make your choice! Either way you won’t be disappointed! 

It's time to make a choice!

Are you in?
Are you setting up the perfect pain cave and getting ready to crush a Zwift race? 

Are you out? 
Are you pulling out the arm warmers, Gabba jacket, and 32s and preparing for an epic CX season? 

Welcome to the Pain Cave

 Trainer tech has come a long way in the last 5 years. And with training applications like Zwift, TrainerRoad, Road Grand Tours, and VirtuGo, there’s never a shortage of things to make the trainer less boring and more dynamic. 

Simulate real riding conditions (like cobbles!) or do structured workouts in ERG mode. Setup your pain cave and start logging those virtual miles!