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Americano, Espresso, Latté....

Dawn Patrol and Cyclelogik: the perfect amalgamation of coffee and cycling. Roll up to the shop on your bike and get treated to a special price on your coffee.. ūüėČ

It’s almost Christmas time! Need some ideas for your lycra-clad family members! We’ve got some great ideas! Here’s our Top Ten!

10. Tubes, CO2 Cartridges, Hand Pump, Bottle Cage and Bottle, saddle bag, and cleats. These small items make great stocking stuffers. These are essential items for every cyclist but it can be a real pain if you don’t have a spare kicking around when you need it! Have them covered by stocking them up for spring riding!

9. Socks!! Sock doping is our favourite thing! Grab your lycra lover a pair of fancy socks from Cyclelogik. ¬†We’ve got everything from ankle to 9″ tall socks in a variety of patterns and colours.

8. Cyclelogik kit! Okay, this is a little self serving, but still, our kits are pretty rad. The new black edition kit is a sleek beast that’ll turn heads in Gatineau Park. Rep your favourite bike shop with a Cyclelogik jersey!

7. Coffee time! Okay so we don’t sell coffee but you can pick up a bag of coffee and a new pour-over set from our favourite coffee roasters, Little Victories! Handily located inside Cyclelogik!

6. Garmin Vector 3 Pedals! We’re in love with the New Garmin Vector 3 pedals! Power is the only way to train! Pick up a set from Cyclelogik and spend the next 4 months listening to your favourite cyclists yammer on about FTP and watts! It’s the most important tool in any cyclist’s training toolbox.

5. The Garmin Edge 500/800 series cycle computer! Cyclists are obsessive about tracking their metrics! And with Strava live segments right on your Garmin, they’ll love you forever for this awesome gift! If you don’t know what Strava is, definitely don’t ask! Your cyclist will spend the next hour explaining it to you in great detail. Just know that it’s important to them. ūüėČ

4. Trainer Time! Indoor training is huge! And a new trainer is the key to making the most of those indoor rides! Pick them up a Tacx Genius and watch as they disappear into the pain cave all giddy-like!

3. Cyclelogik Gift cards! Some things you just can’t buy for a cyclist because they’re so picky! Helmets and shoes are the big ones! So let them decide! Pick up a Cyclelogik gift card and wrap it up with any of the first four suggestions and you’re good to go!

2.¬†RideINSIDE class passes! If they’re already RideINSIDErs you can purchase class passes for them so they never have to miss one of our awesome classes this winter! New to it? Even better! For $30 you can get your favourite cyclist 30 days of unlimited riding! Support their New Years Resolutions by giving them the gift of fitness!

1. Oh come on! This one should be easy! NEW BIKE! Earn some serious street cred with your favourite cyclist by getting them a sick new ride! The 2018 line of Felt Bicycles is slowly making its way into the shop! Full carbon, Disc brakes, Aero, Lightweight, TT, Triathlon, whatever their proclivity, we’ve got it! Want to save some dough but still impress? Pick up a 2017 model on clearance!

October: that awkward time after road season has ended but before ski season has started. Sure you can cyclocross if you want.. but if riding through cold wet mud and rain isn’t your thing, maybe you should join us in Mallorca this October!
We’ve partnered with Mallorca Adventure Cycling to offer you an amazing trip to beautiful Mallorca for 10 days of incredible riding on the some of the best and most scenic roads in Europe.
Here are details:
When: Friday, October 20 Рdeparts Sunday Oct 29
How much: $2,600 per person, *double occupancy.
Besides riding, here’s what’s included:
Double accommodation, breakfast and dinner included plus a final dinner in a fantastic Spanish restaurant. All participants will be picked up at the airport and dropped  off on their arrival and departure dates.
*A single upgrade is  possible but a surcharge of $400 will be added.
A $500 non refundable deposit must be provided by any confirmed client by that date. Complete payment is due September 30.


Why Mallorca for a bike trip?
Mallorca¬†is an absolute paradise for road riding cyclists. Ok it is pretty good for mountain biking and all sorts of other things, but for a road cyclist ‚Äď looking for some amazing group riding,¬†Mallorca¬†is tops.

Where is Mallorca?
MallorcaMallorca¬†is a Spanish island and the largest of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 90 km off the coast of¬†Spain. Ferries to¬†Mallorca¬†leave from¬†Barcelona, (but take the plane.) The island’s capital city, Palma de¬†Mallorca, has a population of 200,000. During cycling season 30,000 cyclists are on the island enjoying the best of the best.

How do we get there?
Boulevard Travel can suggest various routes to get to Palma (PMI), our rendez-vous point. There are no direct flights to Palma from North America so a connection is required in any of the major centres in Europe.

Where is our Hotel?
For the duration of the trip, our group stays at the Esmeralda Park Hotel in¬†Cala¬†d’Or¬†(Spanish for “Gold Cove”), a small town on the southeast coast of the island, about a 45-minute bus ride from the airport. We run day trips but return to our¬†homebase¬†every night. Lots of time to hang and relax.

Do I need to be a professional cyclist?
Definitely not. We cater to a varied group of cyclists; everyone from the intermediate level cyclist to the seasoned expert is welcome. We help build everyone’s group riding skills.

How far will we ride?
There are 9 days of riding available in our 10-day trip. We schedule 7 rides and suggest a rest day (although some choose to cycle even on the days off and others take more days off.)

Daily, riders are divided into groups based on their cycling ability or energy level that day.

Each group is lead by our expert guides. You may opt to join Groupo Relaxo, or set off with GroupoRapido in search of that epic ride.

Everyone is given a map and told the day’s route, but our¬†objective for each ride is to cycle together as a group and improve¬†your group riding skills. We adopt an¬†‘All for one and one for all’¬†approach to group riding.

Groupo-Not-So-Relaxo:  80 Р100 km a day, going a little further and a little faster, but is still looking for the best café con leche and a break or two.

Groupo-Rapido: 80 Р140 km a day. The emphasis here is on a controlled, smooth group working together to improve riding skills and put in the miles. Brief coffee breaks are common.

Will we run out of roads in 10 days?
MallorcaMallorca¬†has thousands of¬†kilometres¬†of cycling-friendly roads through varied terrain, from¬†switchbacked¬†12-km climbs to rolling lanes through the orchards. From our base in¬†Cala¬†d’Or¬†we set out for day trips. We use a bus to transport the group to the far sides of the island for remote starts. We will explore the entire island but still won’t have time to see it all.

What gears do I need?
Mallorca¬†has something for every cyclist. Mountains along the west coast, rolling groves and orchards in the central region, and on the east coast, flat shore roads along beaches. We recommend a 39 X 27 for¬†Groupo¬†Rapido¬†and perhaps a 39 X 28 for Group¬†Relaxo. The island’s old mountains roads were built well before the advent of the automobile and designed to ease the burden of work animals carrying loads to higher elevations –they are not as steep as they are long. It is always better to have the smaller gears and not use them than to find yourself wishing you had them with 5 km left to go before the summit.

Do I bring my own bike or should I rent?
If you choose to bring your own bike we will give you useful tips on how to safely pack it. The airlines allow you to take 2 pieces of luggage. The bike in a box counts as one. You may also choose to rent a bike. Our hotel is equipped with top-of-the-line road bikes for rent. These bikes are available for rent at a cost of $275 Cdn. for a 10-day trip. Rentals are Shimano Ultegra equipped GIANT or STEVENS bikes with compact cranks to get you up all the hills. Most guests rent bikes and save the hassle of traveling with your bike. By day 3 you will want to bring the bike home.

What services are offered?

Our package price does not include airfare.

You will be met at the airport and shuttled to and from the hotel.

The rooms are beautiful with kitchenettes, living space and balconies. You will be provided  breakfastand dinner buffets.

Everyone will receive a special cycling jersey.

You are responsible for your lunches and booze.

All mechanical services are provided along with expert group leaders.

There are no sag wagons, we leave as a group and get home as a group.

We run clinics on group riding and technique. A skills clinic on descending switchback roads will be given before our first mountain day.

There are bank machines and car rental outlets located very close to the hotel.

What about meals and accommodations?
The hotel is made up a series of three-storey buildings centered around the main reception, bar and dining room. The rooms are suites, complete with kitchenettes, living area, television and balcony. Our package price is based on double occupancy, with a single room supplement costing $400 Cdn.

A breakfast (08h00 10h00) and dinner (18h00 20h30) buffet is available daily. We will enjoy an evening out in a local restaurant for a special evening.

What is a typical day like?

A typical day looks a bit like this:

Ôā∑¬†¬†07h30 – morning stretch on the beach

Ôā∑¬†¬†08h00 – generous buffet breakfast

Ôā∑¬†¬†10h00 – group ride departs

Ôā∑¬†¬†10h01 – 16h00 ride, coffee, ride, laugh, ride, pee break, coffee, check out the scenery, ride, stop for lunch and superb cafe con¬†leche, ride, ride, ride, joke, ride, more cafe con¬†leche, ride, ride back to¬†Cala¬†d’Or

Ôā∑¬†¬†16h00 – 18h00 happy hour

Ôā∑¬†¬†20h00 – 21h00 delicious buffet dinner followed by group meeting

Ôā∑¬†¬†21h00 – 07h30 choose any of the following: evening walk, talk, early to bed, out for a beer, out to dance, just plain out, way out,¬†karaokee, take in (sometimes corny) hotel entertainment, talk about the great day you just had.

Is this trip for me?
It sure is.¬†Mallorca¬†has become a¬†mecca¬†for European cyclists seeking spring warmth, great roads, and thousands of fellow cyclists. We are delighted to introduce Canadians to this wonderful cycling destination. In short if you’re a cyclist looking to get a great jump on the cycling season with quality group cycling in unforgettable surroundings, then this is the trip for you.

Want to book? Contact Kim Nguyen at Boulevard Travel and she can arrange your booking with you.

Boulevard Travel
6713 Fairmount Drive
Calgary, Alberts
403 802 4271
Attention:  Kim Nguyen
Email address: kimn@boulevardtravel.com

Nutrition is the cornerstone of any successful endurance activity. From training to racing, you need to stay fuelled and well high hydrated. At Cyclelogik we carry a wide range of awesome products that will keep you going on the toughest of days. We have all your favourite staples and some interesting and unusual choices that we think you should try!


Endurance TapThe classic packet of gooey carbohydrates. Squeeze one in your mouth and your body gets a quick shot of glucose to keep you alert and sharp during a long hard ride, run, or race.

At Cyclelogik we carry all your favourite brands of gels. Clif Shots, PowerGels, eLoad gels, Hammer gels, and Endurance Tap. We’re chock full of gels. ¬†Each brand has it’s own unique flavours, consistency, and texture. Some people prefer the thick molasses-like texture of the Clif shot, while others are disposed to the light and viscous texture of the Endurance Tap. Whatever you preference, pop by the shop on your next ride and we’ll find the one perfect for you.

Chews and Gummies

Fruit 2These are our favourite types of fuel. You can munch on some sweet candy-like chews and not feel bad about it. It’s like raiding the Bulk Barn without the guilt. We carry Shot Bloks, Skratch Drops, Honey Stinger chews, and Fruit 2 bars. And they’re all so good. Pop a couple in your bento box during your next event. Race fuel can be fun.






The bar. Nothing beats the bar. They’re the cornerstone of athletic nutrition. Bars are great because they have a variety of different purposes. Some are rich in protein for post-race snacking, some are high in carbs and easy on the belly for during races and events. Others are just great to keep in your purse, glove box, backpack, whatever, for a quick and easy snack during the day.

Honey Stinger Waffles

Literally. They’re actual waffles. And they’re effing delicious. ¬†We carry the classic honey flavour and the strawberry flavour. Give them a try. They’re flat and you can easily fit 5 or 6 in your jersey pockets without having a huge bulge in your jersey. Amazing for long rides and races.

K’UL Bars

Vegan. Gluten Free. Soy Free. Dairy Free. But most importantly: chocolate. These artisan crafted bars are delicious. They’re essentially chocolate bars for athletes. 70% Dark chocolate and Cherry are the first two ingredients on the package. And there are no weird unpronounceable ingredients. They taste good and they’re perfect for our food sensitive athletes out there. Fuel your ride naturally.

Picky Bars

With flavour names like ‘Laura’s Mega Nuts,’ ‘Smooth Caffeinator,’ and ‘Cookie Doughpness,’ (yes, the P is supposed to be there), these bars really need no other description. But let’s do it anyway. They’re delicious and easy on the stomach. They’re the bar-of-choice for most of our triathlon team during long course triathlon events. They’ve got a little bit of everything the body needs to keep moving forward. They’re small and fit easily into almost any jersey pocket or bento box. Try one!

Made Good

We hear they’re made good.. (we’re allowed a Dad joke now and then..) These are less of a bar and more of a bag of delicious energy filled balls. Imagine a marble made from a granola bar. Bite sized snacks for those who like to munch on something often.


These are new. And they weird. But they’re also delicious. …and they’re made from crickets.. Okay. It doesn’t sound appetizing but they’re actually really good. Don’t worry, there’s no actual crickets. The crickets were turned into a flour and then used to make the bars. Cricket protein is a thing. Look it up. You should give them a chance. We did. And we regret nothing.

Pro Krunch

A protein bar that doesn’t punish your stomach. Imagine a Kit Kat Bar went on a diet. It’s a chocolate covered wafer bar that is not only satisfying but delicious. Munch on one of these immediately after a race and you’ll be good to go. Check out our review off all Xact Nutrition products

Clif Bar

The Clif Bar. Need we say more? Everyone loves the Clif Bar. They’re great ride and run fuel, but they’re also just nice to munch on as a snack. Sometimes you don’t have time eat during the day so grab a Clif Bar.


Beet ItTequila. Bourbon. Whiskey. We have shots. Okay. Not really. Our shots have Beet juice in them. If you want to mix our Beet shots with alcohol, that’s your business. We have Beet It shots that are great for post ride recovery. Apparently Beet juice has all sorts of amazing properties and has even been touted as a natural EPO. We can’t confirm any of that but we do know that beet juice is chock full of good stuff like nitrates. Nitrates! And in shot form, you can take it with you anywhere.

We’ve got everything you need to cover all your nutrition needs. Stop by the shop and check out our full range of nutritional products. Stayed fuelled. Stay sharp. Keep pushing!

Generally I don’t pay enough attention to the brands of gels or bars that I use when I’m riding to bother writing a review about them. Normally I just stop into my local LBS and grab a mix of whatever they have as long as it’s fruit flavoured, has caffeine and/or some protein in it. But I recently started using Xact Nutrition bars almost exclusively on my rides and during races so I’ve been paying some attention to what I like and don’t like about them.

First off, I have to admit that when it comes to bars and gels, I don’t generally put much stock into proprietary performance enhancing gimmicks. If we get down to brass tacks, almost every gel and energy bar is basically the same, they’re just a wad of high fructose corn syrup with some flavouring and maybe some caffeine. But to be fair, that’s all they really need to be because that’s all you really want when you’re racing or riding hard. The point of these energy bars is to maintain blood sugar levels to preserve your muscle glycogen as long as possible. While the health conscious folks might see HFCS as the anti-christ, it’s really more of a magic elixir for endurance athletes. So when a company releases a product boasting a ‘new formula’ that has x% more energy than the leading brand or some ridiculous claim like that, I tend not to pay attention. Just give me the sugar-filled goo blob and no one gets hurt.

And that’s why Xact appeals to me. There are no silly gimmicks involved. In fact if you go to their website the first thing that comes up is their products laid out in a straight forward way: fruit bar; caffeine fruit bar; protein bar. You would never know at first glance that these things are actually vegan friendly and made with actual fruit so, as it turns out, they don’t even have any HFCS in them at all. Rejoice! But that doesn’t really matter to me. And the the fact they are vegan friendly and made of real fruit doesn’t affect my opinion of these bars at all. What I like is their utter simplicity, their taste, and their ease of consumption.


On the Fruit 2 and Fruit 3 the packaging is perfectly clear, one is a basic fruit bar that offers the simple sugar boost you need with classic fruit flavours and the other is the same but with caffeine. If there is one thing I find pointless and irritating it’s when nutrition companies offer performance gels in silly hipster flavours like Coconut Graham Cracker. When I’m in a crit race and I’m digging through my pockets for a gel, I don’t need to satisfy my complex pretentious hipster palette. I just need something that tastes good enough that I don’t want to spit it out all over the other riders. And in this area, Xact hits the mark with flavours like Orange, Strawberry and Apricot.

Their Pro Krunch protein bar comes only in chocolate, which is good, because if I’m going to stuff a protein bar in my mouth I at least want to pretend that it’s a delicious Kit-Kat bar and not actually something that’s good for me.


The two fruit bars are delicious. I wish they came in the bulk bins at the grocery store because I would snack on them like candy. And that’s really all I need to say about that.

Ease of Consumption

This is definitely the most important part of a good bar and the Fruit 2 and Fruit 3 pass this test with flying colours. They’re soft and manageable. They don’t get gummy in your mouth so you don’t have to spend the first 5 minutes after swallowing one using your tongue to get the gooey remnants off your teeth. While they aren’t as easy to open as a gel (a quick work around is to just open the package a little before you take off on your ride or race) they definitely don’t give you that feeling like you want to throw up a little when you first put them into your mouth like a gel –is it just me that this happens to?

The Pro Krunch Bar is definitely the most surprising of Xact’s offerings. Most protein bars are dry and heavy and give you gut rot if you don’t chug 2 bottles of water immediately after swallowing. This bar is surprisingly light and easy to swallow –literally. It doesn’t mess with my stomach at all. Because it’s lighter than most bars I do find that it doesn’t feel quite as filling. I need to eat two after a long ride in order to feel somewhat satisfied. Of course, you should never rely on protein bars alone for post-ride/race food but sometimes it’s all you get until you can make dinner or get somewhere where there is more food available.

Overall I really like both the fruit bars and the protein bar that Xact offers. The only downsides are that protein bar isn’t as filling as I would like and the fruit bars do get a little squishy on hot days in the back of your jersey pocket. Fortunately, they don’t get sticky, just a little softer than usual. If there’s one thing I hate is having my jersey pockets full of stray goo from empty gel packets. This doesn’t happen with the Fruit 2 and Fruit 3 bars.

Check out Xact Nutrition and try some of their stuff.