The Powered by Caffeine Group Rides

Enjoy a coffee from Little Victories before heading out for a fun but challenging group ride. Choose from either the A or B groups.

#thePBC A Ride

A fast-paced group ride designed for racers and strong riders. This ride is about pushing the limits of group riding. Riders at the front push the pace. Try to hang on as long as you can. This is a drop ride but attacking from the group is discouraged. This is a spirited group ride not a race simulation.

Check out the Facebook Group for ride details.

Ride Leader: Alan Dempsey

#thePBC B Ride

Local rider Matt Large has been running this group for several years. It boasts a large and cohesive group of regulars. This is a no drop ride and suitable for a wide range of ability levels. You’ll get the opportunity to ride in a controlled environment with experienced riders.

Check out the Facebook group for ride details.

Ride Leader: Matt Large

#thePBC W Ride

A no drop women’s ride taking place on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. This is a no drop ride for women of all ability levels. This ride combines elements of both the A ride and B ride but specifically for women. It is challenging, fun, and welcoming of both experienced and inexperienced riders alike.

Check out the Facebook Group for more details.

Rider Leader (Saturday): Katrina King

Rider Leader (Tuesday): Alan Dempsey