The Wilier Cento10 Hybrid

Controversial. Groundbreaking. Revolutionary. Cheating. Empowering. 

There are lots of words that have been used to describe this bike and it all depends on how you look at it. It’s a road bike and it’s an eBike. And if you weren’t looking closely, you might not even realize it has a motor in it. 

The first intelligent racing bike created with a specific mission: to give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy the emotions that only a high-end racing bicycle can offer.

The bike wasn’t designed to make bike racers faster, or so they could gain an edge over their riding partners. It was created to allow riders to go further, ride longer, and overcome obstacles where they might otherwise be limited. 

eBikes in general have been contraversial additions to the market. But for those who aren’t genetically gifted, who don’t have the time to train just to hang with the weekend club ride, an ebike can allow more riders the ability to interact with the sport. And ultimately we think that’s a good thing. More people on bikes is the ultimate goal, right? 

This bike isn’t going to turn a middle-aged casual road cyclist into a Tour de France pro, but it will give that little nudge to get through the long ride or the big climb without needing 3 days of recovery. Most of us have to go home to responsibilities! We can’t all afford to spend the rest of the day on the couch recovering!

We know this bike won’t appeal to everyone. We know there will be purists out there who will never get on board with ebikes. 

But before you judge, pop by the shop, and check it out! We hope this bike will provide more cyclists with the opportunity to enjoy cycling more often… we hope it will allow more people to explore greater distances… we hope it will keep people riding longer and later into life… 

We are very excited about this bike!