We’re Going Places….

Where we’re going we don’t need asphalt.    ……which is good because there isn’t much left out there these days…

Gravel riding and its cousin bikepacking have seen a huge rise in popularity in the past 3 years. Gravel roads offer a quieter more relaxing escape from the bustle of traffic. 

That’s why we at Cyclelogik have you covered! With a wide range of gravel options, including some very lovely Ortlieb waterproof bags, you can do all the gravel grinding adventures your legs can handle! 

Not unlike a cyclocross bike, a gravel bike can handle some of the gnarliest terrain and come out the other side unscathed. 

But like a road bike, a gravel bike provides riders with the ability to cross between rough and smooth with hardly a thought. Roll fast on asphalt, roll smooth on gravel. These bikes can do everything you need. 

Tackle Your Commute

Last time we checked the roads in Ottawa are paved. But you’d almost never know it from the condition they’re in! That’s why in the spirit of the gravel bike, we also have a healthy lineup of robust commuter bikes that double as your off road weekend pounder. 

They’re nimble enough to dodge potholes and strong enough to endure the cracks and breaks in the pavement we’ve come to expect from our local roads. You’re not technically off road on your morning commute but is there really much of a difference at this point? 

Pop by the shop and see the full range of gravel and commuter machines. We’ll get you kitted up for the even toughest days; whether it be the weekend smash fest north of Wakefield or the Monday commute. 

The Felt Breed 20 kitted with Ortlieb waterproof bags
Felt Verza Speed 50
Scott Speedster Gravel

Looking for Gravel?

Take your new gravel machine out for an epic rip on some of the best gravel roads Ottawa/Gatineau has to offer! 

Check our Rides & Routes page for new routes every week! 

Accessorize Your Ride

Safety is paramount when out riding and that’s why we stock a wide range of lights, reflective clothing, and gear to make your commute safer. 

Whether you need a waterproof bag from Ortlieb for that long rip into the unknown, or a light to improve visibility on the morning commute, it’s here.