5 Game Changing Bikes Coming to Cyclelogik

We’re stoked on the new line-up of bikes coming our way in 2019. Everything from Commuters to MTBS to Road to Triathlon. There is a bike for everyone and every purpose at Cyclelogik. 

Here’s a sneak-peak at some of the big changes and new models coming to our sales floor. More details to come about these awesome new bikes in the coming weeks!

The Addict RC

You have to see this bike in person to really understand it

The Wilier Road eBike

Like nothing you've ever seen before

The Felt IA Disc

The fastest bike you've ever ridden just got a major update

The Scott Spark Ultimate

Trails for days

The Felt Verza Speed

Cars will be late. You'll be early. The Ultimate Commuter Bike