What is Benchmarking?

*UPDATE* Spring Benchmarking Class on Saturday April 13th at 3pm! Come out and see how much you’ve improved!

All of our RideINSIDE classes use Power Zones to communicate the level of effort each participant should be putting in at a given time. 

Below are the steps and guidelines to understanding how benchmarking will improve your RideINSIDE experience. 

Benchmark Class

This is a free class that runs on a limited schedule. You can sign up for it on the Mindbody App or by logging in to your RideINSIDE Mindbody account from your computer.

Determine Your Power Zones

The instructor for the benchmarking class will guide you through the test and determine your power zones. They will email your zones to you so you can print them and bring them with you to class.


Get More From RideINSIDE

Training with power zones means you'll always be working at the right intensity. It eliminates the guesswork of using a perceived scale of 1-5 and removes the inaccuracy of heart rate. This means you'll be getting a better more targeted workout perfectly suited to your individual strengths.


See How Far You've Come

At the end of the season, come out and test your power again to see how far you've come over the winter! We will hold a Benchmarking Class on April 13th at 3pm! Bring your A-game and join us!