The Many Benefits of Riding A Bike

When you need to go from A to B, you’re faced with various travel options. You can walk, run, cycle, drive, catch public transport, etc. Obviously, some of these options are better than others, depending on the distance you have to travel and what you have access to. There’s one mode of transport that’s almost always the best choice, though – cycling.

Unless your destination is several hours away, travelling by bike is always a superior option. It may not be as fast as a vehicle, but it’s a lot better for you and the environment. Plus, it’s more effective than walking.

In fact, there are quite a few benefits to cycling, five of which we’ve outlined below.

It’s Physical Exercise

Daily exercise is something that everyone should do if they want to lead a healthy life. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier to do that when you cycle everywhere.

The simple act of going to and from work every day can fill your daily exercise quota if you cycle there. Keep this up, and you should soon start to notice an improvement in these areas.

With improved joint mobility and muscle strength, various aches and pains will be less problematic as you grow older. As for the improvements to cardiovascular health, that may well increase your lifespan by reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. That’s nothing to be upset about.

It’s Good for The Mind

Cycling doesn’t just provide physical benefits – it’s good for the mind, too. People who deal with stress often find that getting on a bike can help alleviate their worries. It makes sense, especially when cycling somewhere that’s peaceful and scenic. Being surrounded by nature and having the opportunity to think about things somewhere quiet can really help you to relax.

Several studies have analysed just how much of an impact cycling can have on a person’s mental wellbeing. Generally speaking, they’ve all come back with positive results thanks to the chemicals released when exercising, as well as the benefit mentioned above.

One study found that both high- and low-intensity aerobic exercise can reduce anxiety sensitivity, lowering the possibility of panic attacks. Given that cycling fits into this exercise category, that makes it an excellent choice for anyone who might struggle with this issue.

It Reduces Carbon Emissions

You probably don’t need to be told that the world is facing an environmental crisis right now. The melting ice caps, and growing number of heatwaves make it pretty clear that things aren’t great. This is largely down to carbon emissions, something that we contribute to every time we drive a car.

The great thing about pedal bikes is that they don’t release these emissions, so cycling is far better for the planet than vehicles will ever be. Although travelling by car still has its benefits, especially for longer distances, if more people used bikes, climate change would become less of an issue. We wouldn’t be producing so much CO2 emissions every day, making it easier to turn the tables and reverse some of the damage that’s been done.

It’s So Sustainable

Not only does cycling not produce emissions, but it’s also a very sustainable mode of transport. With the right parts and maintenance, a bike can last for years without being replaced. There’s also no risk of them running out of an energy source, given that it’s a person’s movements that provide their power.

Sustainable living is growing increasingly important, with many people already doing what they can to live in harmony with the planet. That’s why PerSus has created a new app – currently in early access – that’s designed for people to monitor their sustainability and identify where they can make improvements. It provides daily actions to help users better themselves, as well as allowing them to rate companies and organisations on their level of sustainability. Through this, there’s a hope that everyone can do more to improve the balance between people, prosperity, and the planet.

It’s Not That Expensive

One of the problems of owning a car is all the costs associated with it. After buying the vehicle itself – which isn’t cheap – you then have to cover things like insurance, maintenance, and fuel. If you looked at how much you spent on a car every year, you might not want to get behind the wheel ever again.

Fortunately, cycling doesn’t have this problem. While bikes themselves can sometimes be a bit pricey, it’s nothing compared to cars. What’s more, there isn’t much in the way of running costs either. You can buy bike insurance, but you obviously don’t need to pay for fuel. Plus, when it comes to all the gear associated with cycling, most of it isn’t essential, meaning these are simply optional purchases.

While you can definitely make arguments for all travel options, it’s clear that cycling thrives where other choices falter. There’s a lot of good that can come from using a bike regularly, so hopefully, more people will start to ride them moving forward.


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