Bicycle Balaclava Face Mask

If the multitude of clothing you put on while biking doesn’t seem to stop your face from freezing over, then what you need is a good balaclava or bicycle face mask. “What’s that?” I hear you asking. Well, they are those super comfortable masks that basically cover one’s whole neck and face (excluding the eyes). In the case of balaclavas, they cover even the head, and both this and a bicycle face mask are great at keeping all those areas mentioned above warm while riding a bike.

A Balaclava is pretty common among skiers, who use it to protect against the cold, but they’re also getting popular among motorcycle and bicycle riders. And the reason is pretty straightforward—they work. Indeed, some riders prefer balaclavas to keep themselves warm because, unlike relying on just your helmet, they offer better coverage.

During winter, a balaclava or a bike face mask is a must for many bicycle riders. The frigid temperatures smashing against one’s face as one travels in great speeds on a bike, after all, is literal torture. A good mask or balaclava is, of course, a great—and perhaps the only—solution to that problem.

And, they aren’t just great at keeping one warm, they can also protect against dust and grime during a trail. If you’ve been to the kind of trails that we have, you’ll know what we mean.

Bike face masks are also a boon to those who ride in-and-around traffic areas on a daily basis. Pollution can be terrible in places like New York, after all, and I, in particular, always choose to wear a mask when I ride my bike to work—well ok, I’ll admit that the fact my mask looks cool is also one reason why I wear it to work.

Another reason to wear a balaclava is to protect your helmet. Specifically, to protect your helmet padding. Because you will sweat up there, and while some helmet pads are washable, not all of them are. Besides, washable or not, sweat will eventually escape from your head, getting to your pads and eventually wearing them out, or at the very least, stinking them out. Bacteria will eventually build up inside your helmet after frequent use, and nobody likes bacteria. A balaclava can help in this regard by keeping your head covered and keeping your sweat from getting to the inside of your helmet.

Of course, another thing great about balaclavas and bicycle face masks is that… they make you look cool. You’ll be hard-pressed to get someone who uses a balaclava to admit this, but come on; they know what’s up. To be sure, this will depend on the particular mask or balaclava one decides to wear, because some available on the market look plain and make one look like a robber or a ninja. And, sure, maybe some people dig the ninja/robber look, but for my money, I’d instead buy something that had an eye-catching design, like a skull or a gorilla’s mouth.

There are many balaclavas and bicycle face masks available on the market, and I’ve owned quite a few. Recently, however, I found myself drawn to Moto Flavour’s selection of facial accouterments. I don’t know; they just look really cool. The designs have this awesome 3d effect that looks realistic from a distance, too.

Not just that, they seem to be made from real quality material and are surprisingly very breathable. One problem I had with some of the bicycle face masks I owned in the past was that, when I was finally breathing hard and panting from riding my bike, they started to feel super uncomfortable on my face—like I was being suffocated somewhat. So, yeah, I really appreciate that Moto Flavour’s bicycle masks are very breathable and don’t give me this problem.


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