Bric A Brac

90 minutes of off beat bike and run combinations. Join us at 7:30am for 16 weeks of creatively planned sessions to hone the art of blending bike and run into a seamless event of it’s own (begins January 6, 2019).  Some weeks we will do run/bike/run…other weeks we will do bike/run/bike and every other combo in between!  This program is open to all ability levels with an emphasis on making your faster more comfortable runner off the bike.

Master the Transition from Bike to Run

Most triathletes will do their long runs on Sunday anyway. With this program you can join us for a 90minute bike/run session that you can roll into your longer run. 

Both the bike and the run workout will be designed to improve skills at both while at the same time developing the crucial ability to run well and run strong off the bike. 

"When I switched from bike racing to triathlon I couldn't run off the bike to save my life. Running is one thing. Running off the bike is another beast altogether. It's such an important skill in triathlon."
Alan Dempsey
Pro Triathlete

Bric A Brac

Run Better Off the Bike
$ 319
16 Weeks Starting 06/01/2019
  • First 5 to use the code bricabrac19 get 15% off!
  • Improve Off-the-bike Run Ability
  • 16 Weeks
  • 90 minutes
  • Discount for HPP Triathlon Club Members