Race the Calabogie Classic

The Calabogie Classic is the second Ontario Cup road race of the 2019 season! 

It features a closed course on the Calabogie Motorsports track. It’s fast. It’s safe. And it’s fun! It’s the perfect season opener for the seasoned bike racer who needs to shake out the trainer and get their handling skills back on track. And it’s a great race for those new-to-bike racing who want to feel the thrill without risking much! 

It’s not a technically challenging course but the sweeping corners make for an exhilarating experience. 

Race Date: April 28th

Sportif Category

New for 2019 is the 25km Sportif Category! If you're new to racing and don't want to fork over the $$$ for a UCI license, try the Sportif event! It's a great introduction to bike racing for those of any ability level!

Equal Prize Money

Both the mens and women's elite categories feature equal prize money! In 2019 we shouldn't have to brag about this, but there are still many races on the calendar that have yet to adopt prize equality.

Annotated Guide to the Calabogie Classic

  1. There’s a hill here. It’s small but you feel it. Someone ALWAYS attacks here on the first lap. Don’t be that person.
  2. This is the most exciting part of the course. It looks like tight turns but it’s not really. You can carry lots of speed into these corners.
  3. The finish straight is very wide. You can sprint within the bunch or you can find some road all to yourself. It’s the perfect course for those new-to-racing who want to sprint for the line but uncomfortable with the pack sprint.
  4. This the spectator spot. There’s a small hill and someone will always attack here. It’s a great place to watch the race. 
  5. This is mostly downhill and super fast. You can take that big circular corner at the end of this section without braking. It’s very broad. Makes for a really fast but safe finish.