2016 Felt Bicycles

Purchase a 2016 Felt bicycle and receive 10% off the regular price of the bicycle a gift certificate for 5% of the price of the bicycle.

If your were planning on buying a Felt bicycle, this offer is not to be passed up.  First, the price of the bike has been reduced. Second, you get a gift certificate to use to purchase must have items such as pedals, bottle cages, lights, a computer, helmet, cycling shoes and perhaps more.  A gift certificate can pay for some or all of the items you need.

*Bicycles are limited to the following 2016 models - F1, F2, F3, F4, Z5, Z7, Z85, Z100, Z2D, Z3D, Z4D, Z6D, Z95D, V55, V85, V100,  ZW7, ZW85, ZW95, ZW100, ZW3D, B2, B12.  Supplies are limited. Gift certificate can only be applied to regular priced items. Coupons, additional offers or discounts will not be combined with this offer.


We promise to only send you good things.