All About That Base

Winter is for laying down those endurance base miles. Long low intensity riding is the foundation needed to build power, speed, and strength on the bike. But when you can’t escape south for a month like the pros, it’s hard to get those miles in. Sure we can get on the trainer and Zwift, but how many laps of Watopia can you do in your basement before you get bored? And what if it’s a Richmond Day? We shudder at the thought!

Every Saturday starting in January, we’ll be running our famous Enduro program (now called the PBC Enduro). We’ll start out short and sweet and gradually build you up to FOUR hours of riding! In our renovated spin studio, surrounded by other cyclists, great music, and an engaging instructor, the time flies by! Your legs will thank you come spring when you hit the pavement!

Fry up some pancakes for breakfast (you’ll burn’em off) and get to the shop early. Little Victories will be pouring their delicious brews to warm you up before jumping on the bike and pretending it isn’t snowy and cold outside!

Don’t miss it! Every Saturday at noon starting in January!