Felt began life in the 1980s with TT and triathlon bikes and has continued to dominate the field using advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel testing to create unparalleled performance.  Recently Felt entered the Cyclocross market and has seen their bikes quickly gain a reputation as a solid performer in CX racing. Wout Van Aert can attest to the performance of Felt’s CX bikes using the FX1 in both his World and Belgian National victories in 2016 and 2017. Felt continues to push the boundaries by embracing disc brake componentry in many of their top end road bikes.

And It isn’t just the pros who love Felt. Many of our best local triathletes and bike and CX racers swear by Felt bicycles in local, national and international competitions. At Cyclelogik we carry the best Felt has to offer.

Local triathlete Robyn Hardage loves her Felt IA


The IA Series

The Felt IA is arguably one of the fastest triathlon bikes on the road. Felt uses advanced computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel testing to create a frame design that cuts through the air like a hot knife through butter. The IA series has a wide variety of options from a the top of the line IA FRD to the more economical IA 16. Felt has left nothing to the imagination with this bike. Every aspect of it’s design has been carefully engineered for optimal aerodynamics and rider integration. You cannot go slow on this bike. It won’t let you.

The B Series

The B series TT/Triathlon bike offers great value and is a reliable workhorse for riders looking for an excellent performer on a modest budget. The B series design is a trickle down from the IA series but using more familiar road headset and handler/stem for riders looking for adaptability and a more comfortable riding position. If you spent last season on a road bike with clip-on bars this bike is the natural next level up.


The FX Series

Felt’s line of CX bikes provide the right blend of stiffness and comfort with optimal geometry suited to CX conditions. With disc brakes plenty of clearance, this bike can be equipped for whatever you want throw at it and some things you don’t. It’s a staple at the local Ottawa regional CX series and it has made an impression on local riders.  With a broad range of options (including a kid’s version) riders of any experience and budget can get their hands on a top performing machine.


The AR Series

Oh hell yes. The AR is a magnificent addition to the growing aero-road market. It’s getting harder to deny that aerodynamics play a significant role in road riding and any bike manufacturer worth it’s weight has developed an aero-road bike to meet the demands of those who know the value of aerodynamic performance. This bike is lightning fast and offers little weight penalty on the bike climbs. This bike is designed for full beast mode.

The FR Series

Dropping watt bombs up climbs like a mountain goat in heat. That’s what this bike is for. Lightweight and stiff the FR handles corners like a crit bike and glides up grades like a butterfly in an updraft. Too much? Nah. That’s pretty accurate.

The VR Series

Discs! Discs for everyone! Removing the brakes from the seat stays allows for more flexibility and a more comfortable ride. Relaxed geometry and shock-absorbing seat stays make this bike great for long Sunday rides. Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour fanatic? Oh yea. This is the bike you want. Feel confident on descents and in inclement weather with the stop power and modulation of disc brakes. Plenty of clearance make this bike a versatile machine and the added flexibility will absorb the vibration on even the graveliest of gravel roads.

The ZW Series

Women’s specific fit for those who need a shorter wheel base to accommodate shorter torsos. These bikes are extensively tested by women both at Felt’s design laboratories and in competition.


The Verza

The perfect bikes for cruising along the River pathways and commuting to work downtown. These comfortable workhorse bikes are designed to suit everyone from the casual weekend cyclist to the seasoned urban commuter.

The Complete Felt Line

In addition to these signature lines, we also can also order in almost any bike Felt carries. Check out Felt’s complete lineup for information. Everything from commuter, fixie, track and urban bikes.