Bike fitting is a dynamic process requiring communication between the fitter and the cyclist. We use a holistic approach where the fitting process is facilitated by our experienced bike fitter but is guided by the feedback provided by the cyclist.  The final position is one that is compatible with the goals, body shape, flexibility, and the overall comfort of the individual being fit. We do not prescribe cycling positions based upon “look” or some ideal average.

Our System

F.I.S.T CertificationWe are Ottawa’s only F.I.S.T. Certified bicycle fitters.  This is an important distinction when considering modifications and changes to your current position.  The F.I.S.T Fit Protocol was created by Dan Empfield, the founder of and a renowned bike fit “guru”. This industry-leading fit protocol combines years of fit science and rider feedback to create a precision-based riding position tailored to your preferences.

Our Tools

Purely Custom Fitting toolOur primary fitting tool is the Purely Custom Fit Bike which set a new standard in the bicycle fitting community when it was released in 2010. It quickly made a name for itself as it was adopted by industry leaders such as Dan Empfield, SICI and now Cyclelogik. The Purely Custom Fit bike fulfills two necessary criteria for dynamic bicycle fitting.  1) The rider can produce similar efforts to that experienced while riding outside 2) Fitting adjustments can be made without interruption.

We also use additional fitting platforms produced in Canada by Juteau Cantin for less involved processes and product modelling.

We have lasers.  In addition to the major pieces of equipment we use diagnostic equipment such as video capture, goniometer and of course lasers.

Our Offerings

Comprehensive bike adjustment
Using the F.I.S.T. protocol and the Purely custom fitting tool, we go through a dynamic process in order to determine the optimal  saddle height, saddle fore aft position, handlebar fore/aft position and handlebar height.

Basic Bike fit
This fit takes place on your current bike.  It includes manipulation of the existing equipment on the bike in order to optimize comfort.

Cleat alignment
One area where the Cyclelogik fit differentiates itself from others is our focus on the foot-pedal interface.  In our emphasis on the foot/pedal connection, we cover fore/aft, side-to-side, tilt/angle, and rotation of the cleats.

Saddle selection process
Need a new saddle.  We carry a huge selection of saddles that you can demo in store.