All of our spin bikes are equipped to measure power in watts. It gives you precise and instant feedback for exactly how hard you are working. There is no subjectivity to it like heart rate, it’s an objective measure of effort. Heart rate can vary from day-to-day depending on your level of fatigue, temperature, what you ate, how much you slept and the quality of that sleep, caffeine, and a number of other factors making it an unreliable measure efforts. Power is power. 200w is always 200w.

In our RideINSIDE classes we use power to determine how hard you should be working and because power is so consistent, you can make sure that you are not only maintaining the same effort throughout class from day-to-day. To do that, we use well established power zones, the same ones used by cyclists and triathletes all over the world from amateur to pro. These zones are determined using a measure of what is called your functional threshold power (FTP). This number is determined by performing a test effort on the bike. Throughout the year we run these testing sessions so that our RideINSIDErs can learn their FTP and be sent their individualized power zones that they can use in class. When the instructor says “top of zone 2” you’ll know exactly what power number you need to be working at on the bike. No more guess work!

Here’s what it looks like practically. Let’s say you participated in a test effort and you’re told that you have an FTP of 200w. We’ll take your FTP and send you via email a chart with your power zones. It will look something like this:

Zone 1 0 – 111w
Zone 2 112 – 151w
Zone 3 152 – 181w
Zone 4 182 – 211
Zone 5 212 – 241
Zone 6 242 – ∞

When your instructor says you need to be at top of zone 3, you know that you need to be pushing around 170-180w based on the chart. You can print out your chart and bring it to class for reference (and we encourage it!).

Our testing sessions are free and you don’t need to register. Just show up ready to ride (plenty of rest and make to sure have eaten a good breakfast).
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