Late Night with Ian Fraser

No, no, no… not like THAT. It’s not weird. We promise. There’s no gimmicks or sticking points about this program other than it’s a consistent weekly program designed by one of the best and most experienced cycling and triathlon coaches in Ottawa. Period.  

And it’s SILLY CHEAP! $249.99 for 30 classes! Each class is 90min in length! That’s cheaper than our cheapest drop-in package. So scroll down a little. Look for the Register button and click it. You can’t go wrong with this program. And if you’re really frugal and want to get best bang for your buck, register for this program, and pick up a couple of drop in passes for a Saturday morning class. You get a 75minute class for the price of a 60min class. That’s three epic rides/week. You’ll be gobbling up Blacks and Fortune like Peter Sagan gobbles up gummy bears. 


"Punishing pushes into your Functional Threshold Power with other worldly trips to the Anaerobic Zone. These nights will guarantee your ability to close any gap this summer or overcome the challenges of any steep climb."

- Ian Fraser
  • 7:30pm - 9:00pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • Jan 8 to April 14 (30 Classes)