Breakaway Power

Develop your ability to ride harder for longer with this workout. 

Spend most of your time riding at moderate to high tempo with short recovery periods. Improve your ability to ride in a breakaway or hold a high steady state power in a triathlon. 

  • 68min
  • 81TSS

The Kickr Core, Climb and Desk are here!

If immersion is your thing, Wahoo has you covered. Connect to Zwift for a premium virtual cycling experience and add to the realism with a direct drive trainer, grade simulator, and stand to hold everything you need. 


The Kickr Core

The more affordable little brother to the famous Kickr. This machine is an excellent unit and perfect for those looking to get a great ride experience without breaking the bank.


The Kickr Climb

Want to simulate gradients on your trainer? Feel the full effect of the Alpe du Zwift!


The Desk

Really intense about your indoor training? Pickup the Wahoo desk. Sturdy. Moves easily. Holds everything you need for an Imperial Century on Zwift (chamois cream not included).

👉In Stock at Cylelogik!

Zoomers & Boomers Ride

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am. 

Join Al Norris, RideINSIDE’s newest instructor, in this class designed for cyclists and triathletes who have a little extra time during the day. We don’t want to call it a retiree class, but if you’ve had enough of the daily grind and are spending more time at home and doing what you love, you might enjoy this class! 


Ride Leader: Al Norris

Al is a retired IT manager who now devotes his time to riding his bike, working part time at the shop, coaching football and whatever else he wants to do with his time.. Being a 24 year veteran of triathlon, he's also devoting some of his time to becoming a certified triathlon coach and personal trainer.

75min Base Builder

Crunched for time? Don’t like spending hours on the trainer? Check out our 75min Base Builder workout. Designed to develop your aerobic endurance while being economical with your available riding time.

Download the .ZWO file and drag it into your Zwift Workouts folder. Instructions

  • 75min
  • 73TSS

Are You In or Out?

The cold weather and rain has come! It’s time to decide where you stand this fall… At Cyclelogik we’ve got everything you need for either or both! So make your choice! Either way you won’t be disappointed! 

It's time to make a choice!

Are you in?
Are you setting up the perfect pain cave and getting ready to crush a Zwift race? 

Are you out? 
Are you pulling out the arm warmers, Gabba jacket, and 32s and preparing for an epic CX season? 

Welcome to the Pain Cave

 Trainer tech has come a long way in the last 5 years. And with training applications like Zwift, TrainerRoad, Road Grand Tours, and VirtuGo, there’s never a shortage of things to make the trainer less boring and more dynamic. 

Simulate real riding conditions (like cobbles!) or do structured workouts in ERG mode. Setup your pain cave and start logging those virtual miles!

Get Out There!

Planning to head out on the roads, trails, or grass this fall? Select bikes and warm weather clothing are on sale at Cyclelogik. Pick-up select Castell gear at 30% off and get out into the elements for hardcore riding. 

In stock 2018 model CX and MTBs are currently on sale. Stop pretending that old road bike is a cross bike. Get yourself onto something you’ll love riding this fall… CX is the fastest growing cycling discipline and the Ottawa area has an incredible CX scene. Choose the right bike and the right gear and you’ll never regret it! 

Get 30 Days of Unlimited Spin Classes for $30

We’re not just any spin studio. Our classes are designed by cyclists for cyclists. There’s no disco balls or glow sticks. We offer a fun and friendly environment that caters to people who want to get fit, meet new people, and become better cyclists. 

But it isn’t just about pedalling. We offer an experience. With a great coffee shop onsite, tables, chairs, couches, a shop dog, and an assortment of bicycles, we’re the ultimate spin experience. 

Everything you love about cycling is right here. Don’t believe us? Try it. 

It’s $30 for 30 Days of unlimited riding if you’re new to the studio. You won’t be disappointed. So get off the trainer, get out of your basement, and come ride with some of Ottawa’s best spin instructors, cyclists, triathletes, and coaches.

30 for 30

$ 30 30 Days Unlimited
  • Begins on your first class. Buy now, use later!
  • Good for all Classes
  • New Members Only
  • Try our our spin schedule worry free
New Members

Looking for more?

Our regular class packs are on sale right now! Double your savings. Get 30 days for $30 and pick up a class pack at the same time. Your classes will be waiting for you at the end of your 30 days. So jump in and crush your winter training. 

8 Classes

$ 83
Until September 30
  • Use at any time
  • Good for all Classes

16 Classes

$ 139
Until September 30
  • Use at any time
  • Good for all Classes

24 Classes

$ 195
Until September 30
  • Use at any time
  • Good for all Classes
Best Value!

Unlimited was great right? Why not keep it going.. 👇

Unlimited Monthly

$ 79
Per Month
  • Best Value!
  • Good for all Classes

On Running Socks at Cyclelogik

On Does Running REALLY REALLY Well...

You’ve been running in On shoes all summer.. now you can pair them with On socks. They’re some of the most comfortable socks we’ve had the pleasure of trying out. There are specific left and right socks. That’s how you know they’re quality design. 😉

Pop by the shop, pick up a new pair of On shoes for your fall running needs and slip your feet into a colourful pair of On socks. 

Did we mention they’re #theWeeklyLegs approved? 

Join the Enduro 👉 Get Fit 👉 Get Strong

The Enduro is unlike any other class on the RideINSIDE schedule. It’s designed for cyclists and triathletes who are looking to improve their aerobic endurance over winter. 

Starting out short, the class builds each week until you’re riding up to 4 hours! Coach Ian Fraser designs and leads the class. His engaging personality and quirky playlists keep you entertained for the duration of the ride. You’ll be surrounded by a great group of engaging RideINSIDErs! Get fit, have fun, share some laughs, and share in the suffering!

By the end of the winter-long program, you’ll be hitting the roads with some of your best base endurance ability you’ve ever had. Athletes competing at Ironman events or Gran Fondos will benefit enormously from this all-in-one endurance program. It’s a one-of-a-kind class. 

The Class runs on Saturdays at noon starting November 3, 2018 and ends on March 30, 2018. 

And the best part? The Enduro is 15%  off until October 27, 2018! Now’s the time to register! 

  • The key to strong performance is developing a wide base of fitness

Developing that base fitness is about putting in the time on the bike to improve your aerobic endurance. It doesn’t just allow you to ride longer, it makes your body better at metabolizing fat and improves cardiovascular function. 

This is where we start with the Enduro. We build up your base fitness through a structured program. Each Saturday your ride gets a little longer and a little tougher. This gradual increase allows your body to adapt and become stronger. 

  • Only after you have a solid base of fitness can you start to worry about speed, power, and race specific fitness

Once you’ve built that base of fitness, you can start to build onto it. This is where you start to see gains in speed and power and learn how to develop the fitness you need for your specific event. 

The Enduro isn’t just for long course athletes. Developing a strong base fitness is important for any kind of racing event from crits to sprint triathlons. 

Combine the Enduro with our RideINSIDE Regular Schedule

By combining the Enduro with our regular RideINSIDE weekly schedule you can get the best of both. Build endurance and improve your aerobic ability while focusing your weekday classes on developing power and speed. 

Combine the Enduro with one or more of our weekly specialty classes for the biggest boost to your fitness👇

Raise the Roof

This class is designed specifically to improve functional threshold power (FTP). Threshold power is considered the benchmark of aerobic ability. In this class we’ll focus primarily on sweet spot and threshold efforts with longer intervals of 8-20min.

Race Pace

This spin class is devoted to developing strength endurance through cadence drills and over/under efforts. VO2 max intervals will be a staple of this ride. You’ll develop the ability to tackle 2-8 minute climbs (think Pink Lake, Black Lake, and Fortune) and simulate fun race efforts in a safe and controlled environment. This class is tough but fun!

Tuesday Throwdown

A spin-off of our Interval Mania spin class, this short but challenging ride will tax your ability to recover quickly from hard efforts. Riders will work at higher intensities for short intervals in order to improve cardiovascular health, aid in short term recovery, and build strength on the bike.