We want your experiences with us to be positive.  To make this possible for everyone in the room we have established some basic rules of etiquette.

Check out our Learn to Ride and Info Ride sessions - These free sessions are a great way to ensure that new and returning clients can get the most from each Ride Inside class.  Click here for more information.

Our Classes start on time - Please endeavor to show up 10 to 15 minutes in advance of your class.  This will ensure you have time to set your bike up correctly, including the right pedals, in advance and the class can start promptly with fewer interruptions.

Nobody gets dropped in a Ride Inside session - You are in total control of how hard you work on the bike.  Nobody will know if you are riding easy or on the rivet.

You will sweat - That's the point; so we suggest bringing a water bottle to replenish.

Dress for Success - Wearing the right clothes has an impact on your cycling experience.  Cycling shorts are a must. Cycling shoes provide positive attachment to the bike and provide support for your foot.  Technical jerseys will help to deal with perspiration.  A towel is a nice accessory to complete your look.

No winter boots in the Ride Inside room



We promise to only send you good things.