Scott has been around for a very long time as a manufacturer of high end ski poles and goggles. But it was in 1989 when they changed the way we think about bicycles forever. At around the same time Felt was starting to look at aerodynamic frame designs, Scott designed the first aerodynamic handlebar and helped Greg LeMond win the Tour de France in 1989. Since then Scott has had a reputation for creating some of the lightest bikes on the market including the lightest full suspension mountain bike and the lightest carbon road bike in 2001.  Scott took their light weight designs and introduced the Plasma, the lightest aero bike with triathlon geometry. Not only can Scott bikes cut through the wind but they also glide up climbs. This makes Scott the choice for lighter triathletes who are often burdened by the weight of the bike relative to their size. What makes Scott stand out is their range of options for both classic rim brakes and disc brake bikes. Almost all of their bikes, with the expectation of of their TT and Aero-road bikes, have disc versions.

Check out some of what Scott has offer:

Addict Series

Scott’s line of lightweight bikes fulfills their tradition of making the lightest bikes around. It’s hard to beat Scott’s attention to detail in their line of lightweight racing bikes. The geometry of the Addict makes the bike perfect for tackling big climbs and hairy descents.

Foil Series

The Foil is Scott’s contribution to the aero-road market. They leverage their long history of creating aerodynamic TT bikes in the design of the Foil. It’s fast and nimble without much of a weight penalty. The Foil is a relatively stiff bike making it the choice for sprinters in crit events.

Plasma Series

The Plasma is a monster. It was designed primarily for triathletes and incorporates a hefty storage box without compromising aerodynamics. Rider integration, aerodynamic performance, and unparalleled storage capacity make this the perfect choice for standard and long-course triathletes.

Solace, Contessa Solace and Speedster Series

The Solace and Contessa series of bikes round out Scott’s line of endurance bikes. Disc versions of these bikes provide more flexible seat stays for better shock absorption on long rides. But don’t be too quick to write this bike off as your casual Sunday ride. It’s stiff in all the right places and provides the rider with a range of fit options for more aggressive riding. It’ll handle whatever you can throw at it. It responds to hard accelerations better than most endurance bikes and will get you through a race in a pinch.