Speed Up Your Morning Commute

2019 is the year of the bike in Ottawa! …or least we want to make it that! So get rid of that old clunker and get yourself a real speed machine for the morning commute! The Verza Speed is your jam! Flat bars with road components mean you’ll be sturdy, comfortable and fast on your commute to work! 

Rack & Roll, Park & Ride.... whatever gets you there!

Every year Ottawa gets a little more bike friendly! And every year we see a little more infrastructure and a few more steps taken to make this lovely city a true bike-friendly place to live and ride! Most OC Transpo busses now feature a rack & roll system and several NCC parking lots have been turned into commuter lots for cyclists. This means no matter how far you live from work, at least part of your commute can be by bike! When traffic gets heavy ditch the car and roll your way to work with ease! 

The Verza Speed

The Felt Bicycles Verza Speed was born out of a desire to create a do-all bike. It'll take you to work, it'll climb to Champlain, it will traverse the hard pack gravel rail trails... whatever you need from a bike, the Verza Speed will do it!

Invest in Cycling

For some a squeaky old 10spd will get the job done, but with more people turning to bikes as a viable means of commuting and urban transportation, why not invest in your ride? Modern commuter bikes like the Verza Speed feature robust lightweight components and frames that won’t burden your legs up hills. You’ll feel the difference when you try out the Verza Speed. 

Invest in cycling and choose an environmentally friendly method of transportation. Skip the pump and avoid the outrageous summer gas prices!

Get fit. Save Money. Get to Work Faster! Pop by Cyclelogik and take one for a spin!