Advancements in trainer tech has vastly improved the indoor riding experience! At Cyclelogik we carry some of the best trainers on the market! And we have something for everyone’s budget!


The Neo is the pinnacle of direct drive riding! It simulates outdoor riding like no other trainer! It’ll even simulate cobbles! There’s nothing quite like it! The Neo is the best way to maximize your Zwifting adventures!

If you’re looking for affordability but want to stay with direct drive, go with the Flux. This trainer is like the Neo’s little brother. Tax has stripped away some of the more superfluous features of the Neo to create a trainer that does the job and provides a realistic experience at a reasonable price point.

The Bushido and Vortex are Tacx’s entries into wheel-on-bike classic trainers. They might look like your old school trainer form the nineties but don’t let that fool you! They’re smart and the feature an electro-motor to control resistance. These unit are great for any type of riding and are functional with popular training apps like TrainerRoad and Zwift. They’re also compact, so you can take them on trips, use them for pre-race warmups in the summer and store them out of the way if you’re stuck with a temporary pain cave!

Pop by the shop to see the full range of trainers we have! Power to the pain cave!