Tuesday’s are typically aerobic conditioning days. I like to take them through two sets of 20/40s (20s seated maximal, 40s rest). Not only is it a good way to build aerobic fitness through tabata-style training but it also scrubs some of their muscle glycogen.

Because the class is only an hour we can’t do a lot of endurance work, so reducing the contribution of glycogen to their moderate intensity efforts forces them to rely more on aerobic capacity. Their RPE goes up slightly for a tempo effort.

The bulk of the workout was tempo, sweet spot, and threshold work peppered without out-of-saddle efforts. These help continue to scrub off the glycogen. It also fatigues their quads so they have to rely on hamstring and glute activation while seated aiding in a smoother more efficient pedal stroke.

At the very end of class I had them do a longer steady tempo interval to really tax that aerobic system with as little potential contribution from their glycogen reserves.

If they had a good carb & protein balanced breakfast shortly after class, they’ll see a boost in muscle glycogen storage capacity.